Cancer Cure: ‘Bloody War’ or ‘Euphemism’?

Cancer Cure: ‘Bloody War’ or ‘Euphemism’?

In 1981 the Montreal Regional Science Fair was created to regroup the best projects presented by young Anglophones from the Montreal metropolitan area.

In 2001 the regional fair became known as the Montreal Regional Science and Technology Fair and we represent the English-speaking community in the Greater Montréal (including the Lanaudière, Laurentides, Laval, Montérégie and Montreal regions).

The 34th edition of the Hydro-Quebec Montreal Regional Science & Technology Fair is presented at Concordia University on March 13-14-15, 2016. (Source

I have had the pleasure to be one of the judges that checked the amazing projects that were presented by youth during the science fair. Honestly, I have been filled with joy and amazement by the interest in environment and social awareness that have led these youth to present their experiments and projects during the Science Fair. Among considerable interesting projects, I would like to discuss further three out of the five projects I judged. Therefore, the following article has three parts. The first tackles the two projects in relation with ‘cancer cure’. The second outlines ‘In vitro screening of Molecular Probes for In Vivo Imaging of Cardia Fibros”. As far as the third part, it would be a summary of my overall impression about the event.


In the search for the ‘non-perfect’

In the search for the ‘non-perfect’

As time goes by and, all these faces pass by — I still have that question deep inside my inner hurt soul: ‘where would it be that one who would challenge my mind and, waken up my soul with his gentlemen and chivalry ideas and pure soul?’

And then, I see him passing by thinking that he’s a different one and figuring out that he’s nothing but another ‘face’ passing by. Is all these feelings and ‘the supposedly’ shared thoughts are just a lie? or is it just an illusion of a tired soul from all these superficial and, fake souls? Allas! they keep on hurting that generous heart by ignorance, and stupid acts…
Heart touching love quotes with HDwallpapers

A woman NOT ‘Horma’…

A woman NOT ‘Horma’…
I shall share these free verses for EVERY and EACH woman in the African lands, in the Arab World and EVERYWHERE … To all those who being a ‘woman’ was ‘a constant struggle of survival’… To all those who WENT beyond their ‘FEAR’ to claim for what’s from the first hand: ‘a natural right’… To all those who ‘FREEDOM’ was a FIGHT… To the women whom I am proud of, my mother (the first lady of my heart who lost her freedom for my education: MOTHER — wherever you are I WON’T LET YOU DOWN), To the women who believed in my potential (Anne, Lucie, Therese, Celine, Emmanuelle, Carole, Adina, Bouthaina Ben Ghozlan, Margeuerite, Juliet,  my inspiring author ‘Nawel saadawi’…), I am STILL ALIVE and will peacefully GET where I want… ‘Asma Ghali, Women In Politics


Years of crisis and unjust words getting by,

Obedient, they only want to see us passed by 253232c152568224fd16ff3a9a915587

Culture and, tradition get them to suppress us

Blend our minds and mix them with wrong ideals about ‘the obedient good wife’, ‘the charming slave girl’, and, ‘the violently abused adult’

Who said that maternity is not good or being in love isn’t’ a right? Yet, is it still the case of a fourteen year old girl?

How could you justify the abuse of a child? How could you approve the Genital Female Mutilation based on tribes?

How could you still ‘ be pouring’ the same burned tape of ‘keep it discret’, ‘don’t speak, ‘don’t express your opinion’, until 2016?

strong-beautiful-women-quotes-8.jpgSince when saying the truth and trying to get out of the oppression is a shame and a sin?

Since when love is a sin? Since when God said not to love but to abuse?

To all women I know who still –dealing with the mental abuse they are getting through– let,’s stand together and raise out from the crowd!

Don’t let them abuse you anymore, don’t justify violence with love 6763df4d9673b417037f4b90a96cdad6.jpg

If one loves, he respects you and…

RESPECT is by no mean BEATING and OPPRESSING you

Stop saying you CANNOT because the society imposes the norms! BE the ONE you ARE as long as you are not doing something wrong… and what’s right, anyways?

We are born free! Do not let the society chains you and get the best years of your life…

To all my friends, women, people, and, those who know and never know me- I dare you to raise for your rights! FREEDOM is a RIGHT that in some areas of the world you MUST FIGHT for

BE the bearer of YOUR own decision and the writer of your future. Don’t follow the crowd

Who said it’s easy? It’s never easy and never will BUT, it’s better than dying each moment in each day…

indiragandhi163281.jpgIf you fear poverty, isolation and, estrangement, well I’d rather live that than being ‘a slave’…Isn” it why you were educated?

If you fear your creator, well I wouldn’t believe by no mean that a merciful, just and, perfect creator would agree on such a bad treatments– so be the ONE who SCREAM out the TRUTH and the HOLDER of YOUR life…

Let’s MAKE the 8th of March a very Wonderful Only Mainly Anti Narcism day!


And no matter how hard life could turn, remember YOU could make the change, JUST BELIEVE — That’s been what I am doing everyday and it’s working

Let them dare your will and question your capacity! don’t bow after a hundred failed try…

For that remember, as a wise woman, one day told me: ‘after a very depressing and rainy day, the sun will shine’…

Even if you are a woman born in the wrong place, make your new home a better one 🙂



Letters Not Sent To Alexander… (Part I/II)

Letters Not Sent To Alexander… (Part I/II)


The Lord of the medieval part of my heart, 

The owner of the unconscious & uncontrolled part of my soul,

The captivating charming and childish lord of my thoughts



Dear Alexander,

My mother told me once that: « there are people who get inside your skin and never leave, they remain printed as ‘the unforgettable’ ». I do not know yet, if you are one of the latter. Yet, I know very well that everyday I hear your voice, I melt & got lost in wanting you… Every time, you call I lose the powerful woman I am and turn into the ‘WANTING you’ version that never stop from denying it after every single call.

At first, I thought ‘desire’ it is! I should let go the sins that would take me to hell. Then, the ‘detachment of that desire mode started by trying to find all the imperfections in you. Yet, I turned to the bloody conclusion that it’s more than that. How can it not be? If even the most apparent parts of your personality, I’d accept and O scary times, might I be in love?

962c3a8fd60223151f5faa913caba8ccEvery-time, I try to go one step ahead through asking silly indirect questions when I just wished that I asked directly. It’s hard and not because I’m shy or not self-confident. It is because, whenever we talk, I could see the ‘ambitious man who’s looking for a career fulfillment rather than anything else’; ‘the pragmatic man who lives in an emotional denial’; and ‘the proud yet lost soul who doesn’t know where to set’… & because, all I want is to see you happy and fulfilled, I just let go all the direct questions, desires and, hopes to be with you. I burry the hurt of that denial in you and, continue living with a ‘maybe’ than facing the harsh reality of ‘no’.

Maybe, I should’ve been more direct? No, Because we both know where I would like to go…

0519dfbff4080d395789e94989df07007ac596-wm« Am I in love again? », a desperate question that I have been turning around my head over and over. But then, how can I even forget? How did I let go all the memories and move on with a new spirit and desire for a ‘blurred future man’?! An equation I have been trying to process in my head for over five months now… What’s special about you? What makes me fall for someone who dared to feed me with plenty of indirect, unclear and, uncertain words? and again, the same question that passes by my thoughtful spirit: ‘Why on earth I’m falling & am drowning for a very obvious end?!’ ‘How can I believe and trust a pragmatic, philosophical and uncertain man?’

It seems like it’s a circled game that wouldn’t end. As in each time, I say this would be the last round. Then again, your voice pours magic in me! I found me under the spell of let go all the directness inside my ‘hunted soul’ and accepting the ‘trivial vague conversations’ we share. O Alexander! if you knew.. how much talking to you is of a sweet torture and pain… Would you even feel the same?

Alas, you can’t read under my lines all the wanting screaming and passionate love I have. Yet, I won’t fall under that spell again. Perhaps, I am scared? Would you accept a – long-time- wait? Would you still care even after all this distance, and time? And when you mentioned ‘holding hands’, would you think I didn’t care? I was hoping that you told me then, ‘how much you missed me, how much you care,,,’ But then again, I was afraid of the ‘pragmatic denying soul of  yours’. n

Remember when you mentioned ‘Coming here’? I had butterflies dancing out of fear from your next sentence, shattered smiles and, crisis —- and again, you said nothing but, ‘see you soon’. Do you even mean it? How can I deny this strong feeling inside that says that you do and the shouting voices of logic that says you don’t? How can I not picture your deep clear shining and innocent looking eyes whenever I hear that: ‘see you soon’? Are you aware of that?

Two weeks is a short period for an entrepreneur who’s racing with time for profit yet, a sweet painful and long period for a loving shepherd soul. Easy to say that I would forget, that I’m moving on and not going to waste time in waiting for the ‘unsure pragmatic soul’ yet, harsh as rock climbing or better yet, burning in hell for me to let go that ‘desire’ mixed with ‘serious appreciation’ to the person you are. Could you even believe it?

Remember the first time we met? I still, can’t believe how big of a flirt I was… Truth to be told, I didn’t even cared about you back then.. I was even thinking; ‘another white boasting man’ who’s quite careless and not attentive to the human’s crisis… And then, that gesture of introducing your brother was of a surprise to me and of a denial! Moreover, that sweet innocent truth that you shared about your temporary stay made you the ‘star of my day’, mixed with your trilingual skill. I was, for the first time curious to get you on a more -flirting- night. I even, was impressed in silence of how caring, open-minded, cheerful, funny, innocent, and, pragmatic you were! It felt like I have known you for ages back then… Five months after, even with all those people who keep on asking me to let go the thought of you and the nagging of them, I’m still impressed and in ‘a wanting mode’ of you… All the ones I met, and am meeting can’t get me the satisfaction you did. And all I hope I could ask, is it the same for you? Or was it just a one night stand? Am I really living in the denial a2c47eb893199445ef24e994b73268daworld and what I felt was just an illusion of the heart? Or, are you really ‘real’ and ‘willing for a next round’?

And then again, all that remain in ‘the un-said’. You might be wondering why? Simply because, I can’t! Am I afraid of the truth? No… I’m giving ‘us’ more time to think of the next step. I could have come.. how many times I had this sentence in my mouth about to be written but never sent: ‘would you be willing to accept a one week guest?’ I never managed to send it even if I seriously consider it visiting you… I didn’t send it because, I could clearly see how much your ‘current life’ matters more than ‘changing and trying a new one’; – a new one that I am willing to fully invest in to make you get the career you want, the love you need and, the energy you lack to continue in peace -. Whenever I was about to ask, you distance yourself explaining later how much your four objectives mean to you… And how can I destroy that passion I hear in your voice when you speak about your ‘creative fulfillment’? —Even if, I feel that you are not joyful with what you have, you are keeping on doing it and unwilling to let go. I understand that ‘change is only for brave’. Ironically, even your ‘non-brave’ acts, I like.

And then, you ask me to be direct and clear? How many times, I said that I am willing to try? Plenty in which you respond by disappearing then, coming back as if nothing happened… How many times, I tried to ask if I could help? And you rejected my requests, explaining that it’s a process you should undertake ‘alone’… And again, I understood. I am giving you the ‘alone’ time you need… Does it mean I forgot? Never. Does it mean I don’t care? Hell no. Does it mean I am changing my mind? Not even for a single minute. Does it mean I will make another first step? No,  simply because, I want you to choose. I’d rather live in these doubts and hopes than making another step towards you. And you know why? Simply because, I want it to be ‘your decision’. I want you to choose what you really want without any kind of pressure. Remember when you told me if I felt the same way with someone else, I should try? At that time, I felt hurt and knew that you are still uncertain. I took my distance not because I don’t want you or didn’t want you that night rather, to let you ‘choose’ with assertion what you want. Needless to mention that I still have the same ‘want’ if you just state ‘yours’.

645790.jpgFirst World problem is it? It might be the case for the ice-hearted souls. If you ever know of who I’m.. Would you even still care? A very simple peasant in a wonderland.. For some, I’m considered ‘a parasite’ for making it up so far. My true story is written with blood, fear and dark unwanted souls. My destiny is full of risk, unknown and, clouds… An eight year-old mother who can’t deny the strength to heal the pragmatic, lost and, uncertain rigid version of yours. If you ever free that emotional caring bird in you…

My dear Alexander, I never sent you this and wouldn’t do that simply because, I believe in your ‘wisdom’ to choose and ‘realize’ how much I care about you. There are still more of a ‘non-said’ than said words in my heart to you. There are still of a love to give and share. I believe in time that we will meet again and that it would be shared with the language of caring and, the sweet tasteful soft gestures of yours.

Yours truly,

The Dreaming soul


Here I am back to the writing, blogging and expressing thoughts… It feels like it was ages before getting back to this virtual pen. It feels as if the “virtuality” killed the talent and the inspiration that drove me to have a blog!

letters, words, sentences, phrases & paragraphs lost in the virtual lines of the following free blog…

Aimlessly, helplessly trying to get back the inspired vivid pen…

Lost in the desert of the numerical world and hidden by the burned numbers, the inspiration is trying to get away from the land of ordinary

Yet, the inspiration is lost in the numercial world unable to move from the chaining virtuality and fake vitality..
like the used unread newspapers, inpiration is lost within the virtual fake world

Appel de candidature: “Endeavour Executive Fellowship for International and Australian Applicants”:2016

Appel de candidature: “Endeavour Executive Fellowship for International and Australian Applicants”:2016


Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships are internationally competitive, merit-based scholarships provided by the Australian Government that support citizens around the world to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia and for Australians to do the same overseas.
The Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships build Australia’s reputation for excellence in the provision of education and research, support the internationalisation of the Australian higher education and research sectors and offer high-achieving Australians opportunities to increase their knowledge and expertise in their field.

Applications for the 2016 Round

The 2016 round of the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships are now open. Applications will close 30 June 2015 at 11:59 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Please see the applications page for further information.

What Endeavour offers

As a scholarship or fellowship recipient, you will gain invaluable international experience in study, research or professional development.
The department has engaged a contractor to provide post-selection support services to all recipients including: a dedicated case manager, pre-departure briefings, advice on health, travel insurance, accommodation, security; payment of allowances, and reporting to the department on the recipient’s progress.
Learn more about what Endeavour can offer through:

Call for applicants: 2015 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program and U.S. Diversity Fellowship


To apply to the 2015 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program and U.S. Diversity Fellowship, please complete the online application form below or the application in PDF format by June 1, 2015. The U.S. Diversity Fellowship is part of the Emerging Leaders Program and is dedicated to U.S. citizens from communities of color. For program focus and description, eligibility and selection requirements, and application guidelines, please visit the ELIFP Web page.

Applicants who complete the online application below are expected to upload the following:

  • Résumé or curriculum vitae identifying past and present employment, as well as educational experience and relevant publications, if any;
  • Research proposal that identifies a research topic on community foundations and community grantmaking, questions to be addressed, anticipated methodology, as well as a plan for sharing and applying research findings (3-5 pages). The proposed research should reflect a comparative framework and must be feasible to undertake and complete within the duration of the program and while residing in New York City;
  • Personal statement explaining what you seek to accomplish during the program and how participation in the program would enhance your professional career plans/trajectory. Any professional or academic experience outside of your home country should also be described (2 pages maximum).

Applicants who use the application form in PDF should send the completed form as an e-mail attachment along with the required documents listed above to: Alternatively you may mail the application documents to: International Fellows Program, Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, 365 Fifth Avenue, Room 5401, New York, NY 10016.

Application dossiers must include two letters of reference. Applicants are responsible for providing their referees with the link to the online recommendation form. One or both letters should be from individuals who know the applicant in a professional (rather than an academic) capacity.

For program updates and additional information, please visit our website. Program-related questions may be sent to Please indicate “ELIFP 15” in the subject line.

Due to the high volume of submissions, only complete applications are eligible for consideration by the selection committee.

– See more at: