Short story of an old SDF




Smart to Start

Once upon a time, there was a small house in a big city.  Inside this house, a family lives there. They barely have food, clothes. They do live in the down-town without electricity or even clean water. They heard of the revolution. They went out during upraise. They screamed and called for equality, equity, justice, fairness and food.

A week after the old regime was over. People went out cheering their victory and calling for the new regime to be fair and democratic. The same family went also, to the street. They called for their rights. They learned about the new leader. In fact, they heard that he is just, religious and fair. In this respect, they waited for their electricity and food.

Two years past, the same family still suffer from the same condition. Who is responsible? Maybe we should blame the family. For that they didn’t look for their rights by their own hard! Quite funny: they always say to them: work hard and keep the spirit! For god sake, which spirit are you talking about!!!! They died all.

Super, according to Darwin, the survival for the fittest. Then, if they died, they weren’t worthy to care for.

Now, just a question: is this really our culture? Do we have these standards of life? Where is mercy, emotion and care?

When people notice that these standards are not ours? When would they notice that we weren’t like this?! We never be and never will.


Written by Asma Ghali,


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