You want Change? Begin with yourself

change is not a theory, it is tangible

All indices in the Tunisian context confirm that we are more or less living the same periods as South Africa had before.  I only wander how far we went as Tunisian in this progress of change though. I think we did not reach the change because we never questioned ourselves: do we really want to work for the community?

South Africa had to suffer from several issues that accumulated together and created the Union. The latter dismantle the system. Only with the national, organized and united movement, a new set of mind was to be founded which later on paved the way for stability and development.

I still believe that we won’t reach that phase but when we change ourselves and work as one hand. In order to think of change, let’s try to think of these three things:

1.       Regionalism: Stop thinking about ‘’they’’ of oriental.  This ideology of ‘’divide and rule’’ the French enforce in us is totally wrong. Let’s get rid of it. We are all Tunisians despite our origins or native regions. Now, forget about Berber hate Arabs and those slogans of making the barbarian language alive. It is indeed, alive. The language was never a barrier between people. In fact, why not learning Barbarian together with Arabic? Why not even if those Berbers want to use their language, let them do so but within the community.

2.      Selfishness and arrogance:  let’s put aside all our bad characteristics. I totally understand that we are especially after hundreds of year of thirst to travel, go to hotels, have money and have fun. However, let’s be serious. Let’s share! Why not sharing what you know? It the Tunisian educational system is terrible and don’t teach people how to deal with life. Let’s share together what to do in order to get an opportunity. Let’s think as a community. You can use and adopt my idea only if it works for the best of community. Why always thinking that the other Tunisian is a curse while the foreigner is a bless? Why do we act selfish? Why we don’t think about the good for all? We are Tunisians all of us! We can make our great land prosperous and better only if we work together.

3.      Never say: ‘’I am not concerned’’: if you live in a place, you are concerned to make it better. It is your duty. People elect the government to play the game of politics but the real change come from citizens. If you believe in change, do it yourself. The rest will follow. We are concerned about what is happening in here!



Remember, only with Organized, united and national union, we would change.

History repeats itself!


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