Graffiti in Tunisia: Do we have liberty of expression after the what so called ‘’revolution’’?



Contrary to what many people think nowadays, Tunisians are not free to express their selves. The tangible proof is that many people who do Graffiti in the walls are sent to the prison.

Recently, a group of youth who were doing Graffiti under the name of ‘’Zwawla’’ were sent into prison and even condemned to pay a fee of 100DT.  

Now, the problem is not in the amount of money to be paid but of the treatment that those youth got. They were indeed, sent to the prison just because they were showing the reality of the Tunisians’ life after the revolution. They are and as their name indicate ‘’Poor’’. They cannot dismantle the corrupted system only by speaking through Graffiti.

The question asked here: Graffiti is a sign of expression or not? In the case of ‘’zwawla’’, yes it is. Then why the police tried to stop them from doing it?

The police said that: ‘’those people are polluting a private property as they draw their ‘’crap’’ in public walls.’’ I think that the police have some confusion already.  They said that they draw in private property which appears to be in un-used walls, bridges and train stations.

Let’s suppose that these Graffiti pollute the ‘’private property’’, why don’t we then try to provide a place for those to express their selves? Is Graffiti a crime? Is expressing yourself in a civilized, peaceful and ordinary way a problem?

The new government under the cover of Islam would do many other things to oppress people in Tunisia. It is obvious from the new treatments and legislations that are issued recently. It is in fact, not about Graffiti but about those people who know the real issue. In this respect, everyone who appears to be able to do something real not just throwing theories is either sent to prison or to the hospital of crazy people.

Again, the Human rights organizations are busy doing conferences, selling words and dealing with theories…

written by AG Image


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