Rapid post is not neither rapid nor a post!!!!

rapid post

The record of corruption in the Tunisian administration is highly increasing. As a matter of fact, this time it did not dismantle the psyche of citizens but drove them to death (literary of course). Bottom of the line, Today’s article will tackle a part of the ugly truth of the Tunisian administration mainly in Rapid post.

The story began when a friend of mine purchased some clothes online in the US and paid it via Master Card. Her only mistake was that of sending the post to Tunisia instead of sending it to her apartment in the US. 

Honestly, she didn’t have trouble tracing her post online but when it arrived to Tunisia all signs of life were absent.

She kept the spirit and asked the post in Borj el Wziir, Ariana for her rapid post. I should here say that rapid was not the best word to choose. In this respect, the post spent more than two weeks looking for his way to Tunisia without counting of course, the days from the store to the US post. I insist on the fact that it needed two weeks or so just to travel from the US airport to the Tunisian one.

Eventually, she had an answer from Ariana’s post saying that her delivery is stuck in the ‘’centre de tri postale Tunisien’’ which is near the airport.

We head to the center looking for the post. We were not there by ourselves actually. Our friend drove us there by car. Then, the quest began! Indeed, we needed to turn thrice left to find the bureau responsible for giving posts. During our ‘’fabulous’’ adventure, we met people who cursed the post. We had the chance also to hear other people complaining about the fact that they had to pay thrice. We finally make it to the finals. In fact, we arrived to the right bureau and again my friend asked about her slow, sorry I meant rapid post. The surprise was admirable! The girl there answered in a calm and peaceful way: ‘’we didn’t receive anything yet!’’

My friend was like: ‘’what?? You called me to come and take my delivery??’’

Of course, the employee never answered or even bothered to explain. We just stood there looking at each other. 

I mean, look how conditional it is the administration there. First of all, they don’t have database not computers. Second of all, they are way far from being organized. For instance, each employer learned by heart the secret code: ‘’the bureau on the left’’ and they just say it. God knows how many lefts one has to follow. Maybe, if the building expands to the other part of the planet, one would only turn to the left for life! Thirdly, there is no rapidity but bribing money. You just have to pay and pay and pay endlessly in order to get your delivery. Needless to mention that sometimes, you never receive your delivery as they may take it for themselves pretending that it didn’t arrive.

I wonder why Tunisians would never stop complaining about administration!!! It is never worth. To be fair, bribery, slowly, miss-guidance and lack of responsibility and politeness in the administration are nothing. It is normal… And they still are hanging that commitment vow …. That vow to serve citizens which they never commit to!



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