Is there real life in the city??

suffereance is related to women

Life is about change but this story I am going to tell would never express change. It may showcase pain, turmoil, disbelief, loss of identity and soul, Erotomania and hateread but never regret …

I won’t take that long introducing; I would just let you deduce the end.

A girl used to live in a small village; she graduated and eventually went to college in Tunis.

She rent a house not far from the city and the university at the same time. As a matter of fact, she didn’t rent a house; she lived with some of her relatives in Tunis. In their culture, living alone is ‘’7aram’’ (forbidden). She needs a man to protect her or else, she is not allowed to live by her own. She never discussed that.

Protection is needed in the evil world. Indeed, a world full of briberies, struggle and stealing is awful.

The city is nice. There are many coffee shops in there. Boys and girls never met behind the olive tree beside the high-school. Moreover, they never needed to hide or feel shy for just exchanging ideas. In addition, they never needed to express their un-touchable love. They are just free to do whatever they want in public.

Traditions differ from the village. In the city, do whatever you want. You would be called: “a slat’’ but silently, secretly and even unnoticeably.

At the first day college, she noticed all of her friends are mixed. Some like her came from quite far villages and live in dorms. Others came from the suburb of Tunis but originally are mixed. Now, the reader here would be suspicious: ‘’mixed what? Race?’’ No, dear reader, the French colonization didn’t define ‘mixed’ in the Tunisian context as ‘mixed-race’. Mixed generally means an ‘outsider’ coming from another region of Tunisia!!!

A question that always makes her tired! If we are all from the same country; Tunisia, then why would people care for the region of origin? Why would they mock the Tunisian like them? Germans have different dialects that belong to different region of Germany, why wouldn’t they also be divided according to that??

Faces are rushing in the crowd. She never was able to recognize a person. They are all sad and in a constant rush. She never saw a smiling face like the shopkeeper of their neighborhood. There is not real feeling or real contact. Everyone In rush.

Friendship is only those of giving and taking. Feelings are not there. Business is business. That is the rule applied for love, friendship and even partnership.

to be continued,


3 thoughts on “Is there real life in the city??

  1. Nice text. Yet, I think there is more than that in the city. Faces are sad, but if you look deeper you’ll see some smiling ones. It has always been the case in all regions of the world that people who come from smaller towns of a city feel a bit rejected and different. But remember that almost all of those who live in Tunis come from other regions. It’s just that they’ve been there for a while. Keep up the good job.

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