Behind the scene in Amideast Tunisia

For those who don’t know, ‘’ AMIDEAST is a leading American non-profit organization engaged in international education, training and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa. ‘’[1]  As a matter of fact, no one would deny the achievements of the Amideast typically in the MENA region and North Africa, specifically in Tunisia. In this respect, ‘’ Today AMIDEAST programs and services touch the lives of half a million individuals a year – improving educational opportunities and quality, strengthening local institutions, and developing language and professional skills critical for success in the global economy. ‘’[2]

The teacher team in the Amideast has adorable teachers par excellence.  First of all, those teachers are graduated from well-known universities in the US. They are also doing their best to give the best quality to their students who are the future of Tunisia. In other words, there is nothing to comment upon from a linguistically educational aspect.

Coming to the American corner’s library, it is very informative and outstanding place. Say it differently; many books are to be found there about the US history, fiction, Drama and other type of books that one cannot find in ordinary Tunisian library. Moreover, the AC’s coordinator tries his/her best to make communicate English. For instance, the one conversation hour that tackles hot subjects depending on the nature of the study of the AC’s coordinator. Generally, it revolves around politics, traditions, and the causes behind the conformity of religion and society in Tunisia.

One simple weird matter is going on there. The administrative stuff is too generous. They share information for free. For instance, if you go and ask about TOFEL test, they would ask you which type? ITP or what? Then, if you ask for explanation, you would receive that gaze. Honestly, why asking if you have a website? Taking into consideration the fact that Tunisians are so rich; how come for instance, they don’t check the website? For further information about TOFEL, check this next time:

Furthermore, one question about exchange programs and scholarships awarded by the Amideast:  aren’t those things giving to needy and intellectual people? I mean, aren’t those awards made normally to promote equality and equity? If yes, why sometimes rich people get scholarships while poor remains poor watching?

This life is always fair in such centers; they sometimes look for who pay more.

To be fair, I advice anyone who wants to get something, go straightforward to the source. It needs time to change these administrative attitudes. All what is needed is an attempt to do so.


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