Abstract: Reading all those comments on social media, on electronic newspapers, and hearing all those different opinions on the radio, on TV’s etc. pushed me to react even with the following modest paragraph and images. Obviously, on the 23rd of January, the story of “followers”, “supporters”, “pros”, “cons” and, “liberal” or “defenders of freedom of expression” is less internationally spread than on the national level: “France”. However, I would write about the topic.

Few details caught my eye while skimming media about the happening.

1. I type on Google: “Charlie Hebdo” and …

Then some comments upon “only” the islamist pictures of Charles … I was reading through the magazine’s picture, I am not seeing only criticism towards Islam. Apparently everything is mocked and criticized, even Jesus. Why media pointed out only toward the Islamic caricature? Islam is 2015’s fashion! The strongest comment is the following: ” Islam is a religion of violence! Muslims are so violent. You ask the person who gave his/her comment about proof of what is he/she saying and the answer would just amaze you: “9/11 dude! the prophet’s conquering other countries to push them to convert, the Koran man!!! it is full of violent words… How?! you know like killing and torturing the non-believers etc. … It makes me laugh sometimes how those people don’t take into consideration the context of the Suras in the Quoran.. They don’t see what happened before and after and that lead to certain reactions… And the behind scene of the whole 9/11 thing!!!!!!

Back to Charlie “horrified” happening, everyone point out to Muslims but again none of them understood that this is not Islam rather Politicized -Islam… Thankfully, there is still a minority with which one can have a fair discussion!

As quickly as it could be, the whole world decided to react ...
As quickly as it could be, the whole world decided to react …
On the News : Islamist ! Threaten / Protest/
On the News : Islamist ! Threaten / Protest/Rage/ Anger/ “target 

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