Coverage of Amnesty international’s event about Boko Haram


Nigeria’s militant Islamist group Boko Haram – which has caused havoc in Africa’s most populous country through a wave of bombings, assassinations and abductions – is fighting to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state. (BBC News, 2015)


Boko Haram is an inhuman movement that started in Africa; precisely in Nigeria. A year ago or so, 215 girls were kidnapped and taken “where no one knows”. The Nigerian government did not try to look for those girls nor stop the injustice happening in its territory. The international committee mentioned the happening briefly without really trying to pass into serious actions.  According to a U.S reporter: “What is happening in Nigeria is not a priority! the U.S has other important matters to deal with…(CBC interview, source: Youtube, 2015)”

Amnesty International, UQÀM was run by a strong belief in the importance of the cause and decided at least to enlighten people about what is happening, get them to sign petitions to make pressure on the Nigerian government. Moreover, on the 13th of April, the committee managed to gather few people in order to support the victims of Boko Haram.

   In the heart of UQÀM, the committee of Amnesty International decided to spare more time for what happened in Nigeria. The idea  came out from a young girl named: Vanessa: a student of BA in law and international relations at UQÀM, also a Human Rights activist Amnesty international.  Vanessa proposed her project with the ordinary General Assembly of Amnesty. The members of group were so into the idea and appreciated the attention underlined by their colleague.

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The above picture portrays a solid cooperation of canadien citizens with the Boko Haram cause. Many people were there for 15minutes to highlight the fact that those who are lost are in our memory. As long as there are people who always remember and talk, there will be justice. What happened in Nigeria should open our eyes to millions of others who suffer and they are hopeless.

In memory of all girls, we never forget about you!
In memory of all girls, we never forget about you!

 What Amnesty International did is one step forward towards’ talking about ‘the unseen’, ‘Human Justice’. It is everyone’s mission to speak up for those the voiceless and be the example of those who need help.

Reported by Ghali, A.

Pictures taking by Boutin, A.

Hundreds of unknown names in the memory of the poor girls
Hundreds of unknown names in the memory of the Nigerian girls