Cancer Cure: ‘Bloody War’ or ‘Euphemism’?

Cancer Cure: ‘Bloody War’ or ‘Euphemism’?

In 1981 the Montreal Regional Science Fair was created to regroup the best projects presented by young Anglophones from the Montreal metropolitan area.

In 2001 the regional fair became known as the Montreal Regional Science and Technology Fair and we represent the English-speaking community in the Greater Montréal (including the Lanaudière, Laurentides, Laval, Montérégie and Montreal regions).

The 34th edition of the Hydro-Quebec Montreal Regional Science & Technology Fair is presented at Concordia University on March 13-14-15, 2016. (Source

I have had the pleasure to be one of the judges that checked the amazing projects that were presented by youth during the science fair. Honestly, I have been filled with joy and amazement by the interest in environment and social awareness that have led these youth to present their experiments and projects during the Science Fair. Among considerable interesting projects, I would like to discuss further three out of the five projects I judged. Therefore, the following article has three parts. The first tackles the two projects in relation with ‘cancer cure’. The second outlines ‘In vitro screening of Molecular Probes for In Vivo Imaging of Cardia Fibros”. As far as the third part, it would be a summary of my overall impression about the event.



A woman NOT ‘Horma’…

A woman NOT ‘Horma’…
I shall share these free verses for EVERY and EACH woman in the African lands, in the Arab World and EVERYWHERE … To all those who being a ‘woman’ was ‘a constant struggle of survival’… To all those who WENT beyond their ‘FEAR’ to claim for what’s from the first hand: ‘a natural right’… To all those who ‘FREEDOM’ was a FIGHT… To the women whom I am proud of, my mother (the first lady of my heart who lost her freedom for my education: MOTHER — wherever you are I WON’T LET YOU DOWN), To the women who believed in my potential (Anne, Lucie, Therese, Celine, Emmanuelle, Carole, Adina, Bouthaina Ben Ghozlan, Margeuerite, Juliet,  my inspiring author ‘Nawel saadawi’…), I am STILL ALIVE and will peacefully GET where I want… ‘Asma Ghali, Women In Politics


Years of crisis and unjust words getting by,

Obedient, they only want to see us passed by 253232c152568224fd16ff3a9a915587

Culture and, tradition get them to suppress us

Blend our minds and mix them with wrong ideals about ‘the obedient good wife’, ‘the charming slave girl’, and, ‘the violently abused adult’

Who said that maternity is not good or being in love isn’t’ a right? Yet, is it still the case of a fourteen year old girl?

How could you justify the abuse of a child? How could you approve the Genital Female Mutilation based on tribes?

How could you still ‘ be pouring’ the same burned tape of ‘keep it discret’, ‘don’t speak, ‘don’t express your opinion’, until 2016?

strong-beautiful-women-quotes-8.jpgSince when saying the truth and trying to get out of the oppression is a shame and a sin?

Since when love is a sin? Since when God said not to love but to abuse?

To all women I know who still –dealing with the mental abuse they are getting through– let,’s stand together and raise out from the crowd!

Don’t let them abuse you anymore, don’t justify violence with love 6763df4d9673b417037f4b90a96cdad6.jpg

If one loves, he respects you and…

RESPECT is by no mean BEATING and OPPRESSING you

Stop saying you CANNOT because the society imposes the norms! BE the ONE you ARE as long as you are not doing something wrong… and what’s right, anyways?

We are born free! Do not let the society chains you and get the best years of your life…

To all my friends, women, people, and, those who know and never know me- I dare you to raise for your rights! FREEDOM is a RIGHT that in some areas of the world you MUST FIGHT for

BE the bearer of YOUR own decision and the writer of your future. Don’t follow the crowd

Who said it’s easy? It’s never easy and never will BUT, it’s better than dying each moment in each day…

indiragandhi163281.jpgIf you fear poverty, isolation and, estrangement, well I’d rather live that than being ‘a slave’…Isn” it why you were educated?

If you fear your creator, well I wouldn’t believe by no mean that a merciful, just and, perfect creator would agree on such a bad treatments– so be the ONE who SCREAM out the TRUTH and the HOLDER of YOUR life…

Let’s MAKE the 8th of March a very Wonderful Only Mainly Anti Narcism day!


And no matter how hard life could turn, remember YOU could make the change, JUST BELIEVE — That’s been what I am doing everyday and it’s working

Let them dare your will and question your capacity! don’t bow after a hundred failed try…

For that remember, as a wise woman, one day told me: ‘after a very depressing and rainy day, the sun will shine’…

Even if you are a woman born in the wrong place, make your new home a better one 🙂



Wonders on Freedom

ImageIn most societies either of North Africa or the middle east, women are still considered unable to define their own boarders of freedom. In other words, women are not able to do what they really want to. For instance, faith and all its package is just imposed on them. It is indeed, something that is taught to them since their childhood. Of course, needless to say that raising a girl is quite different than a boy in such societies. Now here is the big picture.

It all begins the same way. boys and girls don’t realize how different they have been taught until the age of fourteen or before. It depends. Anyways, girls begin to realize from the manners they are taught that they barely control something in their whole lives. It depends on the family but sometimes, girls don’t have to conform to the dressing code of her community although, she must behave like it was said to her. For instance, many North African women are not wearing Hijab but are living the same hell just like the Hijab ones. Indeed, they must keep their ”virginity” until marriage. They also, have no right to stay late night. They in the worst cases are tight to their mother’s chest. Who knows, maybe something from the air would rape them and bring shame to the whole family!!! I always wondered what relates one’s body to the whole family… Never mind!

Another important matter is noticed. In these societies, women’ s freedom is always associated to marriage. If a girl, for example, wants to go out, reads a book or even visits a friend, she must obey to her parents. she cannot not do so unless she is married! Well, in the last case, her freedom’s ”copyright” goes back to her new owner, – excuse me- I meant sponsor or husband. So, if I got it right, women after being controlled, bound to their mother’s chest, they are , after marriage, bound to their husband’s power. How can we say: ”marriage is the ultimate source of freedom to women?” well, it depends on luck.

All in all, women are purely enslaved more than the salve in 60’s in South America. At least, the latter had the right to protest and free themselves. Women I am talking about are still imprisoned and unheard. They, themselves, are still thinking that ”marriage” is their key to freedom!!!!

Better saying: ''freedom is a length of an appropriate arranged marriage''
Better saying: ”freedom is a length of an appropriate arranged marriage”

The Green passport

It is an old story
That begins with the slavery, discovery of Diamond and recognition of differences…
When we were young, we never protest of its color
we were waiting passionately to have one,
To travel, to visit other countries of god’s lands
To meet other people and act like tourists just like they do
We saw a variety of people coming in our lands,
We were quitly happy to host them and we thought we are able to do the same
However, we never knew at that time that green never means ”pass” just like the ”traffic light”
Green describes restriction, isolation and sometimes shame…
Joyful faces came and go to the owners of this green passport
But, when it comes to them to pay a visit, hundreds of obstacles are to be found…
Hundreds of papers to fill in …
Hundreds of pain to pass through
Like a poker still, your luck, your money may help
Still there some people who hoped to have a vacation,
they throw the dice, with a heart full of hope, they waited …
And too many hopes were shade, vanished or even destroyed…
Some hated to hope, millions chose the road of risk, death and gloominess
Tones of them paved the fear away and kept looking for a way out…
Millions though, decided to have their vacation on the risky seas …
All this keep happening while white faces keep on visiting the green land…
None of them had to pass through this… but when you hold the green passport…
it never meant to be green or a pass
The truth hurts but those who made rules in all cases, never think of the poor ….
The green passport is for us a pride but for the holiday time, it is never the case…

Behind the scene in Amideast Tunisia

For those who don’t know, ‘’ AMIDEAST is a leading American non-profit organization engaged in international education, training and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa. ‘’[1]  As a matter of fact, no one would deny the achievements of the Amideast typically in the MENA region and North Africa, specifically in Tunisia. In this respect, ‘’ Today AMIDEAST programs and services touch the lives of half a million individuals a year – improving educational opportunities and quality, strengthening local institutions, and developing language and professional skills critical for success in the global economy. ‘’[2]

The teacher team in the Amideast has adorable teachers par excellence.  First of all, those teachers are graduated from well-known universities in the US. They are also doing their best to give the best quality to their students who are the future of Tunisia. In other words, there is nothing to comment upon from a linguistically educational aspect.

Coming to the American corner’s library, it is very informative and outstanding place. Say it differently; many books are to be found there about the US history, fiction, Drama and other type of books that one cannot find in ordinary Tunisian library. Moreover, the AC’s coordinator tries his/her best to make communicate English. For instance, the one conversation hour that tackles hot subjects depending on the nature of the study of the AC’s coordinator. Generally, it revolves around politics, traditions, and the causes behind the conformity of religion and society in Tunisia.

One simple weird matter is going on there. The administrative stuff is too generous. They share information for free. For instance, if you go and ask about TOFEL test, they would ask you which type? ITP or what? Then, if you ask for explanation, you would receive that gaze. Honestly, why asking if you have a website? Taking into consideration the fact that Tunisians are so rich; how come for instance, they don’t check the website? For further information about TOFEL, check this next time:

Furthermore, one question about exchange programs and scholarships awarded by the Amideast:  aren’t those things giving to needy and intellectual people? I mean, aren’t those awards made normally to promote equality and equity? If yes, why sometimes rich people get scholarships while poor remains poor watching?

This life is always fair in such centers; they sometimes look for who pay more.

To be fair, I advice anyone who wants to get something, go straightforward to the source. It needs time to change these administrative attitudes. All what is needed is an attempt to do so.

Rapid post is not neither rapid nor a post!!!!

rapid post

The record of corruption in the Tunisian administration is highly increasing. As a matter of fact, this time it did not dismantle the psyche of citizens but drove them to death (literary of course). Bottom of the line, Today’s article will tackle a part of the ugly truth of the Tunisian administration mainly in Rapid post.

The story began when a friend of mine purchased some clothes online in the US and paid it via Master Card. Her only mistake was that of sending the post to Tunisia instead of sending it to her apartment in the US. 

Honestly, she didn’t have trouble tracing her post online but when it arrived to Tunisia all signs of life were absent.

She kept the spirit and asked the post in Borj el Wziir, Ariana for her rapid post. I should here say that rapid was not the best word to choose. In this respect, the post spent more than two weeks looking for his way to Tunisia without counting of course, the days from the store to the US post. I insist on the fact that it needed two weeks or so just to travel from the US airport to the Tunisian one.

Eventually, she had an answer from Ariana’s post saying that her delivery is stuck in the ‘’centre de tri postale Tunisien’’ which is near the airport.

We head to the center looking for the post. We were not there by ourselves actually. Our friend drove us there by car. Then, the quest began! Indeed, we needed to turn thrice left to find the bureau responsible for giving posts. During our ‘’fabulous’’ adventure, we met people who cursed the post. We had the chance also to hear other people complaining about the fact that they had to pay thrice. We finally make it to the finals. In fact, we arrived to the right bureau and again my friend asked about her slow, sorry I meant rapid post. The surprise was admirable! The girl there answered in a calm and peaceful way: ‘’we didn’t receive anything yet!’’

My friend was like: ‘’what?? You called me to come and take my delivery??’’

Of course, the employee never answered or even bothered to explain. We just stood there looking at each other. 

I mean, look how conditional it is the administration there. First of all, they don’t have database not computers. Second of all, they are way far from being organized. For instance, each employer learned by heart the secret code: ‘’the bureau on the left’’ and they just say it. God knows how many lefts one has to follow. Maybe, if the building expands to the other part of the planet, one would only turn to the left for life! Thirdly, there is no rapidity but bribing money. You just have to pay and pay and pay endlessly in order to get your delivery. Needless to mention that sometimes, you never receive your delivery as they may take it for themselves pretending that it didn’t arrive.

I wonder why Tunisians would never stop complaining about administration!!! It is never worth. To be fair, bribery, slowly, miss-guidance and lack of responsibility and politeness in the administration are nothing. It is normal… And they still are hanging that commitment vow …. That vow to serve citizens which they never commit to!


Graffiti in Tunisia: Do we have liberty of expression after the what so called ‘’revolution’’?



Contrary to what many people think nowadays, Tunisians are not free to express their selves. The tangible proof is that many people who do Graffiti in the walls are sent to the prison.

Recently, a group of youth who were doing Graffiti under the name of ‘’Zwawla’’ were sent into prison and even condemned to pay a fee of 100DT.  

Now, the problem is not in the amount of money to be paid but of the treatment that those youth got. They were indeed, sent to the prison just because they were showing the reality of the Tunisians’ life after the revolution. They are and as their name indicate ‘’Poor’’. They cannot dismantle the corrupted system only by speaking through Graffiti.

The question asked here: Graffiti is a sign of expression or not? In the case of ‘’zwawla’’, yes it is. Then why the police tried to stop them from doing it?

The police said that: ‘’those people are polluting a private property as they draw their ‘’crap’’ in public walls.’’ I think that the police have some confusion already.  They said that they draw in private property which appears to be in un-used walls, bridges and train stations.

Let’s suppose that these Graffiti pollute the ‘’private property’’, why don’t we then try to provide a place for those to express their selves? Is Graffiti a crime? Is expressing yourself in a civilized, peaceful and ordinary way a problem?

The new government under the cover of Islam would do many other things to oppress people in Tunisia. It is obvious from the new treatments and legislations that are issued recently. It is in fact, not about Graffiti but about those people who know the real issue. In this respect, everyone who appears to be able to do something real not just throwing theories is either sent to prison or to the hospital of crazy people.

Again, the Human rights organizations are busy doing conferences, selling words and dealing with theories…

written by AG Image

You want Change? Begin with yourself

change is not a theory, it is tangible

All indices in the Tunisian context confirm that we are more or less living the same periods as South Africa had before.  I only wander how far we went as Tunisian in this progress of change though. I think we did not reach the change because we never questioned ourselves: do we really want to work for the community?

South Africa had to suffer from several issues that accumulated together and created the Union. The latter dismantle the system. Only with the national, organized and united movement, a new set of mind was to be founded which later on paved the way for stability and development.

I still believe that we won’t reach that phase but when we change ourselves and work as one hand. In order to think of change, let’s try to think of these three things:

1.       Regionalism: Stop thinking about ‘’they’’ of oriental.  This ideology of ‘’divide and rule’’ the French enforce in us is totally wrong. Let’s get rid of it. We are all Tunisians despite our origins or native regions. Now, forget about Berber hate Arabs and those slogans of making the barbarian language alive. It is indeed, alive. The language was never a barrier between people. In fact, why not learning Barbarian together with Arabic? Why not even if those Berbers want to use their language, let them do so but within the community.

2.      Selfishness and arrogance:  let’s put aside all our bad characteristics. I totally understand that we are especially after hundreds of year of thirst to travel, go to hotels, have money and have fun. However, let’s be serious. Let’s share! Why not sharing what you know? It the Tunisian educational system is terrible and don’t teach people how to deal with life. Let’s share together what to do in order to get an opportunity. Let’s think as a community. You can use and adopt my idea only if it works for the best of community. Why always thinking that the other Tunisian is a curse while the foreigner is a bless? Why do we act selfish? Why we don’t think about the good for all? We are Tunisians all of us! We can make our great land prosperous and better only if we work together.

3.      Never say: ‘’I am not concerned’’: if you live in a place, you are concerned to make it better. It is your duty. People elect the government to play the game of politics but the real change come from citizens. If you believe in change, do it yourself. The rest will follow. We are concerned about what is happening in here!



Remember, only with Organized, united and national union, we would change.

History repeats itself!