Let's raise our new slogan

According to Buddha: ‘’ No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.’’ Indeed, my article would revolve around this but in the context of what is happening in Tunisia either on the educational sector or the civil society. I would just take my own experience as a case study.

I used to be a free human. I used to express myself without limits. I never needed a pen and a paper to claim my rights. I never also, needed a refined vocabulary and a structure to follow, just to say what I want. I used to innovate, create and share with everyone.

That was the past. That remained a past, not to be even ‘’said’’ but ‘’written’’!

After I went to the college, I was oppressed and denied from being me! I felt that three years of my life are lost in vain. I didn’t get any ‘’plus’’. All I got was pain, hatred, boredom, fear and confusion.  In this respect, I was obliged to shut up. I was obliged to stop expressing myself. I, and for the first time, was not able to make my voice heard. I was chocked from seeing hundreds of robots accepting this situation. It was quite egregious to look at people following the old norms without revolting! It was even miserable to see those robots obeying though they don’t agree. They know that is wrong. They just spend the time whispering about wrong but never argue in front of their masters.

I was there all the time. I was just in the middle of the crowd. My rebellious soul couldn’t agree on that. I tried to do something. However, I was coward just like them. My voice was shut. My only reaction was to write. It was nothing but a hopeless try. I was accused by saying the truth. I was judged without being heard. I needed to apologize. God knows why! I am still surprised. College indeed was a small example. In addition, I am still spell-bounded from what I see in this society.

I would say that we won’t reach progress unless we dig in depth in our mistakes…

Let’s just have a look at the scene in Tunisia now.

Dear organizations, associations, and syndicates: The Tunisians never get use of your conferences, seminars, or awareness campaign!  In other words, the money spent in those blab la bla was just a waste! Oh, sorry, it wasn’t a waste for you though. You enjoyed coffee breaks, hotels’ spa and gossip…  If it is not the case for instance, dear associations concerned with fighting corruption, would you tell me where you were when political parties were giving briberies? Of course, you were discussing transparency or enjoying trainings abroad!

Dear human rights defenders, where were you when women were beaten to death? Where you were when daily sexual harassment is everywhere? Where were you when children in ‘’ghar dima2’’ work 24 hours per day? Where are you now?? Collecting signatures for virtual causes? Do you think for example, going out in a protest caring the slogan ‘’with Amina’’ is enough? Don’t you think that asking why Amina did that and trying to help her would be better? Sorry, you are quite far from reality. You never thought of community. If you did, we would never still have girls marry at the age of fourteen (14) in Tunisia!!!

Dear scientific associations, please would you tell me what you’ve done so far to make education better in Tunisia? Where are you? If any of you is still alive, contact me please…

All of you have to be sure that nothing lasts forever.  Buddha states that: ‘’ three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.’’ So be prepared for what history would write.

 Back to the core of the article, I am not here to blame. I am guilty just like everyone because I never tried to scream out and take a step toward change. I am more than guilty because I conformed to the society. I am in fact, still wrong for that I am still writing! I must move into action.  However, I am not afraid like I used to be before. Even three years in college didn’t kill that voice of change in me. I am quite optimistic of what my generation and the next generation would do. Although we were oppressed from childhood until now, we never crossed our hands. I can see those teens of ‘’je danserai malgré tout’’ and others trying to speak out.  I know that people mock them now. I know that those sick-minded people think that with dancing would change nothing. However, I believe it would. Indeed, the fact that those teens reacted is a change.  I would only call every Tunisian to make his own stamp and change what he thinks he can.

Tunisians never needed political parties, associations or anyone to do something. They need to believe in what they want to do and just do it!!!!! DO IT and never care for criticism. Only those who don’t dare, spend time criticizing the courage of those who dared!

Eventually, as Buddha says: ‘’ the whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.’’

So please, let’s raise this new slogan: ‘’NO FEAR, NO DOUBTS, NO WRITING, and NO EMPTY SPEECHS BUT ACTIONS!!! ‘’

Written by A.G