A woman NOT ‘Horma’…

A woman NOT ‘Horma’…
I shall share these free verses for EVERY and EACH woman in the African lands, in the Arab World and EVERYWHERE … To all those who being a ‘woman’ was ‘a constant struggle of survival’… To all those who WENT beyond their ‘FEAR’ to claim for what’s from the first hand: ‘a natural right’… To all those who ‘FREEDOM’ was a FIGHT… To the women whom I am proud of, my mother (the first lady of my heart who lost her freedom for my education: MOTHER — wherever you are I WON’T LET YOU DOWN), To the women who believed in my potential (Anne, Lucie, Therese, Celine, Emmanuelle, Carole, Adina, Bouthaina Ben Ghozlan, Margeuerite, Juliet,  my inspiring author ‘Nawel saadawi’…), I am STILL ALIVE and will peacefully GET where I want… ‘Asma Ghali, Women In Politics


Years of crisis and unjust words getting by,

Obedient, they only want to see us passed by 253232c152568224fd16ff3a9a915587

Culture and, tradition get them to suppress us

Blend our minds and mix them with wrong ideals about ‘the obedient good wife’, ‘the charming slave girl’, and, ‘the violently abused adult’

Who said that maternity is not good or being in love isn’t’ a right? Yet, is it still the case of a fourteen year old girl?

How could you justify the abuse of a child? How could you approve the Genital Female Mutilation based on tribes?

How could you still ‘ be pouring’ the same burned tape of ‘keep it discret’, ‘don’t speak, ‘don’t express your opinion’, until 2016?

strong-beautiful-women-quotes-8.jpgSince when saying the truth and trying to get out of the oppression is a shame and a sin?

Since when love is a sin? Since when God said not to love but to abuse?

To all women I know who still –dealing with the mental abuse they are getting through– let,’s stand together and raise out from the crowd!

Don’t let them abuse you anymore, don’t justify violence with love 6763df4d9673b417037f4b90a96cdad6.jpg

If one loves, he respects you and…

RESPECT is by no mean BEATING and OPPRESSING you

Stop saying you CANNOT because the society imposes the norms! BE the ONE you ARE as long as you are not doing something wrong… and what’s right, anyways?

We are born free! Do not let the society chains you and get the best years of your life…

To all my friends, women, people, and, those who know and never know me- I dare you to raise for your rights! FREEDOM is a RIGHT that in some areas of the world you MUST FIGHT for

BE the bearer of YOUR own decision and the writer of your future. Don’t follow the crowd

Who said it’s easy? It’s never easy and never will BUT, it’s better than dying each moment in each day…

indiragandhi163281.jpgIf you fear poverty, isolation and, estrangement, well I’d rather live that than being ‘a slave’…Isn” it why you were educated?

If you fear your creator, well I wouldn’t believe by no mean that a merciful, just and, perfect creator would agree on such a bad treatments– so be the ONE who SCREAM out the TRUTH and the HOLDER of YOUR life…

Let’s MAKE the 8th of March a very Wonderful Only Mainly Anti Narcism day!


And no matter how hard life could turn, remember YOU could make the change, JUST BELIEVE — That’s been what I am doing everyday and it’s working

Let them dare your will and question your capacity! don’t bow after a hundred failed try…

For that remember, as a wise woman, one day told me: ‘after a very depressing and rainy day, the sun will shine’…

Even if you are a woman born in the wrong place, make your new home a better one 🙂




Climb the walls in order to achieve your dreams

If I learned a lesson in this life, it will be the following:
Some people have freedom for granted, others don’t have it at all and others will struggle to get it.
What is really shameful not talking about oppression.
Those who talk about ”human rights” should have a free spirit and an open mind to believe that injustice exist before talking about instructing ”Human rights”!

What the bible says about abortion VS. Reality

“How can you deny an abortion to a twelve-year-old girl who is the victim of incest?”
“How can you deny an abortion to a twelve-year-old girl who is the victim of incest?”
by David C. Reardon, Ph.D.

But in fact, the welfare of a mother and her child are never at odds, even in sexual assault cases. As the stories of many women confirm, both the mother and the child are helped by preserving life, not by perpetuating violence. Sadly, however, the testimonies of women who have actually been pregnant through sexual assault are routinely left out of this public debate. Many people, including sexual assault victims who have never been pregnant, may be forming opinions based on their own prejudices and fears rather than the real life experiences of those people who have been in this difficult situation and reality.(1) This how they think in society.

God Says to Love Our Children.

Titus 2:4 — Young women should be taught to love their children. But an unborn baby is a “child,” and a woman who has conceived is a mother even before the baby is born. The Bible tells us how we should act toward those we love (I Cor. 13:4-7), and this teaching definitely does not allow us to kill them (Rom. 13:8-10). We have clearly established that abortion is wrong without even (thus far) examining passages specifically dealing with murder. Abortion does fit the Bible definition of murder. But even if it did not, it would still be sinful because it is unloving, a lack of appreciation for God’s blessings, and a gross abuse of our stewardship to raise our children as God directs.(2)

Why not trying to see it from the baby’s percepective?

Let’s just begin this with ”if”

If the baby (the fruit of love) which is coming out of actually a sin, is born.

If he/she came to life. The mother never wanted him/her. She might even think of dying thrice than giving birth to him. As a matter of fact, her family already showed her hell. Then, here comes the society who would never stop blaming her from a mistake that only god knows whether he will forgvie her or not. Again, finishing with the same probability, that the woman followed the bible’s thought and had the baby.

Aren’t she in fact, raising him/her with all that tension, violence, and pain she had been through? Let’s suppose that she won’t. How would her excpect that her baby live after? He/she will directly think of revange. I am not talking about ecceptions here. I am talking about a society that  tightly goes with religion. This society where shame is brought by having a girl. This society may look open-minded in surface, but deep inside, this society is fundamentally conservative. It is how it is. Let’s just be honnest to our seleves. Even puritans before, cursed the woman Hestler Prynne for her sin and never asked her for the wrong guy. They screwed her and put an ”A” in her breast just because at that time, she didn’t have means to do abortion and hide her mistake.

Now, society evolves. People tend to say that they accept differences and sometimes wrong deeds. However, they keep trying to hide that mock gaze, they always succed on showing it. In the Tunisian society or any other society, wrong is wrong. Or esle, could someone here tell me what is the difference between humans and animals?

I just wonder why when we have temporary solutions for sins, we concider the solution itself a mistake?

I know it is partial, but can anyone for a minute put himself/herself on the shoe of that poor and innocent child who was refused first by his/her dad then his/her mommy and even his/her family then society later on?

Don’t you think that the choice of abortion in itself is a refusal and denail of having the baby?

Why do they still argue about life and death? What if the baby decides to die than seeing the day of the funeral of his/her mother?

Let’s just face it, abortion in mostly all cases, is the best thing to do than cursing a life of an innocent child!

The abortion debate asks whether it is morally right to terminate a pregnancy before child birth, I would say the right question would be whether it is right to decide on behlf of the mother and the baby himself!


(1) Online source same as the title of the picture

(2) : http://www.bible.ca/s-Abortion.htm

Is there real life in the city??

suffereance is related to women

Life is about change but this story I am going to tell would never express change. It may showcase pain, turmoil, disbelief, loss of identity and soul, Erotomania and hateread but never regret …

I won’t take that long introducing; I would just let you deduce the end.

A girl used to live in a small village; she graduated and eventually went to college in Tunis.

She rent a house not far from the city and the university at the same time. As a matter of fact, she didn’t rent a house; she lived with some of her relatives in Tunis. In their culture, living alone is ‘’7aram’’ (forbidden). She needs a man to protect her or else, she is not allowed to live by her own. She never discussed that.

Protection is needed in the evil world. Indeed, a world full of briberies, struggle and stealing is awful.

The city is nice. There are many coffee shops in there. Boys and girls never met behind the olive tree beside the high-school. Moreover, they never needed to hide or feel shy for just exchanging ideas. In addition, they never needed to express their un-touchable love. They are just free to do whatever they want in public.

Traditions differ from the village. In the city, do whatever you want. You would be called: “a slat’’ but silently, secretly and even unnoticeably.

At the first day college, she noticed all of her friends are mixed. Some like her came from quite far villages and live in dorms. Others came from the suburb of Tunis but originally are mixed. Now, the reader here would be suspicious: ‘’mixed what? Race?’’ No, dear reader, the French colonization didn’t define ‘mixed’ in the Tunisian context as ‘mixed-race’. Mixed generally means an ‘outsider’ coming from another region of Tunisia!!!

A question that always makes her tired! If we are all from the same country; Tunisia, then why would people care for the region of origin? Why would they mock the Tunisian like them? Germans have different dialects that belong to different region of Germany, why wouldn’t they also be divided according to that??

Faces are rushing in the crowd. She never was able to recognize a person. They are all sad and in a constant rush. She never saw a smiling face like the shopkeeper of their neighborhood. There is not real feeling or real contact. Everyone In rush.

Friendship is only those of giving and taking. Feelings are not there. Business is business. That is the rule applied for love, friendship and even partnership.

to be continued,

Graffiti in Tunisia: Do we have liberty of expression after the what so called ‘’revolution’’?



Contrary to what many people think nowadays, Tunisians are not free to express their selves. The tangible proof is that many people who do Graffiti in the walls are sent to the prison.

Recently, a group of youth who were doing Graffiti under the name of ‘’Zwawla’’ were sent into prison and even condemned to pay a fee of 100DT.  

Now, the problem is not in the amount of money to be paid but of the treatment that those youth got. They were indeed, sent to the prison just because they were showing the reality of the Tunisians’ life after the revolution. They are and as their name indicate ‘’Poor’’. They cannot dismantle the corrupted system only by speaking through Graffiti.

The question asked here: Graffiti is a sign of expression or not? In the case of ‘’zwawla’’, yes it is. Then why the police tried to stop them from doing it?

The police said that: ‘’those people are polluting a private property as they draw their ‘’crap’’ in public walls.’’ I think that the police have some confusion already.  They said that they draw in private property which appears to be in un-used walls, bridges and train stations.

Let’s suppose that these Graffiti pollute the ‘’private property’’, why don’t we then try to provide a place for those to express their selves? Is Graffiti a crime? Is expressing yourself in a civilized, peaceful and ordinary way a problem?

The new government under the cover of Islam would do many other things to oppress people in Tunisia. It is obvious from the new treatments and legislations that are issued recently. It is in fact, not about Graffiti but about those people who know the real issue. In this respect, everyone who appears to be able to do something real not just throwing theories is either sent to prison or to the hospital of crazy people.

Again, the Human rights organizations are busy doing conferences, selling words and dealing with theories…

written by AG Image