“Ghali”: Last name’s meaning an origins (find out about your personality through your last name)


Would you like to know what would your last name mean? its origins and its connotation? Do not hesitate! what you will read here would change your life forever! I never knew how popular I was before!!


  • Your first name of Ghali creates individuality, independence, self-confidence, initiative, and an inclination to physical activity.
  • You are not inclined to merge your opinions and viewpoints with others, to accept compromise, or to work in a subservient position against your will.
  • Your expression is invariably quite direct and candid, and lacks the moderating tone of tact, diplomacy, and friendliness.
  • Others find it difficult to accept your domineering and, at times, argumentative manner.
  • Your circle of friends is restricted to those of like nature.
  • Once friendship is established, you are very loyal and steadfast and do not tolerate gossip or criticism.
  • In your close associations and family life, there is little demonstration of sentiment, appreciation, sympathy, or encouragement
Ghali as a last name!
  • It is difficult for you to find the right words for such circumstances.
  • Weaknesses in the health caused by this name centre in the head.
  • The name Ghali creates the urge to be creative and original, we emphasize that it causes a blunt expression that alienates others.
  • This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses through tension or accidents to the head. (source: http://www.kabalarians.com/Male/ghali.htm)
  • If you would like to know more, take yourself to: https://www.kabalarians.com/cfm/FreeNameReport.cfm

Written by A.G,


Coverage of Amnesty international’s event about Boko Haram


Nigeria’s militant Islamist group Boko Haram – which has caused havoc in Africa’s most populous country through a wave of bombings, assassinations and abductions – is fighting to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state. (BBC News, 2015)


Boko Haram is an inhuman movement that started in Africa; precisely in Nigeria. A year ago or so, 215 girls were kidnapped and taken “where no one knows”. The Nigerian government did not try to look for those girls nor stop the injustice happening in its territory. The international committee mentioned the happening briefly without really trying to pass into serious actions.  According to a U.S reporter: “What is happening in Nigeria is not a priority! the U.S has other important matters to deal with…(CBC interview, source: Youtube, 2015)”

Amnesty International, UQÀM was run by a strong belief in the importance of the cause and decided at least to enlighten people about what is happening, get them to sign petitions to make pressure on the Nigerian government. Moreover, on the 13th of April, the committee managed to gather few people in order to support the victims of Boko Haram.

   In the heart of UQÀM, the committee of Amnesty International decided to spare more time for what happened in Nigeria. The idea  came out from a young girl named: Vanessa: a student of BA in law and international relations at UQÀM, also a Human Rights activist Amnesty international.  Vanessa proposed her project with the ordinary General Assembly of Amnesty. The members of group were so into the idea and appreciated the attention underlined by their colleague.

11078228_1567239026876975_2189343526929566803_o 10999098_1567239883543556_1861180459542437988_o

The above picture portrays a solid cooperation of canadien citizens with the Boko Haram cause. Many people were there for 15minutes to highlight the fact that those who are lost are in our memory. As long as there are people who always remember and talk, there will be justice. What happened in Nigeria should open our eyes to millions of others who suffer and they are hopeless.

In memory of all girls, we never forget about you!
In memory of all girls, we never forget about you!

 What Amnesty International did is one step forward towards’ talking about ‘the unseen’, ‘Human Justice’. It is everyone’s mission to speak up for those the voiceless and be the example of those who need help.

Reported by Ghali, A.

Pictures taking by Boutin, A.

Hundreds of unknown names in the memory of the poor girls
Hundreds of unknown names in the memory of the Nigerian girls 

الجنون البطيء, نساء الغرب

استيقظت في الصباح ما رغبتين شديدتين في الكتابة. هذه الرغبة ولدت من حصة الأمس. كنت أحضر محاضرات في نظرية المساواة بين الجنسين  و العلوم السياسية. كنت جد متحمسة لهذا القسم لأني أؤمن بأن المساواة موجودة في الطبيعة لكن المعالم المسيسة جالت منها مختفية. كنت أضن اننا – نسوة البلدان المغربية- نعاني  من الغطرسة الرجالية أكثر من نسوة الغرب. لن أسرد أمثلةً كثيرة لكن هناك مثل الام المثابرة التي تعمل بكد فالمنزل والزوج لا يفكر في تقديم ياد المساعدة. وهناك الرجل المتغطرس الذي يعنف الزوجة والأولاد ونجد كذلك الزوج المتحكم الذي لا يقدر أن يمضي يومه دون أن يصدر أوامر نهي ونفي وجزم وإلخ… ضننت وهو ما جعلني أترك بلدي وأهاجر أن الرجال والحياة في بلدي مبنية على السيطرة والكبت والإستغلال.أردت أن أرى الجزء الآخر لأني أمقت الإستغلال. فها أنا هنا أرى فعلاً مشهداً محزناً: معظم نساء الغرب الاتي لا يتبعن المسيحية -إما جنوا بنظرية المساواة لدرجة طلب المال مقابل رعاية ابنائهم أو تمرسن في حب الاستقلالية والحريات لدرجة انهن سجناء واقعٍ مرير.

هذا الواقع جعلهن سجناء دون قيد. أجل فالمرأة هنا: تعمل مثل الرجل ، تشتري ما تريد بما لها ، أحيانا تشتري زوجها لانها حين تصبح في سن الثلاثين تصبح في حاجةٍ إلى زوج ، ” رغم التقدم الذي عرفته هذه الدول تفكير الانثى ضل نفسه – المهم، فهي تعمل في العمل، تعمل بجد للحفاض على رشاقتها، تعمل لتتفنن فالعمل الجنسي ضن منها أن هذا واجب قبل الزواج وشرط .. فالمسكينة وبدون أي إطالة مستغلة جنسياً، جسدياً، عملياً، علمياً وذهنياً : كل هداها تحت ستار المساواة، التي هي في الحقيقة كانت لديها لكنها ضحت بها مقابل لا شيء…  المسكينة تغلبت عليها النزعة المادية حتى أنها لم تعد ترى أنها فالحقيقة سجينة واقع مرير : تقدم كل ما لديها وتجري وراء سراب الحرية لتجد نفسها غير قادرة على المواصلة لأن ورغم المجتمع المتقدم فإن بعض المعايير الاجتماعية لم تتغير ومازال الناس ينظرون إليك نظرة المسكينة الوحيدة … غريبة هي الحياة!

حقيقةً وربما هذه أول مرة اعترف بهذا علنا لكني اشكر أمي و أبي على ميلادي في بلد لم تمسه حالة الجنون الهذه الدرجات إلا أنه في طور الدورة الهستيرية وارجو رغم ذلك أن لا تاثير فينا كثيراً.


The Greatest “Charlie Hebdo”

The Greatest “Charlie Hebdo”

Abstract: Reading all those comments on social media, on electronic newspapers, and hearing all those different opinions on the radio, on TV’s etc. pushed me to react even with the following modest paragraph and images. Obviously, on the 23rd of January, the story of “followers”, “supporters”, “pros”, “cons” and, “liberal” or “defenders of freedom of expression” is less internationally spread than on the national level: “France”. However, I would write about the topic.

Few details caught my eye while skimming media about the happening.

1. I type on Google: “Charlie Hebdo” and …

Then some comments upon “only” the islamist pictures of Charles … I was reading through the magazine’s picture, I am not seeing only criticism towards Islam. Apparently everything is mocked and criticized, even Jesus. Why media pointed out only toward the Islamic caricature? Islam is 2015’s fashion! The strongest comment is the following: ” Islam is a religion of violence! Muslims are so violent. You ask the person who gave his/her comment about proof of what is he/she saying and the answer would just amaze you: “9/11 dude! the prophet’s conquering other countries to push them to convert, the Koran man!!! it is full of violent words… How?! you know like killing and torturing the non-believers etc. … It makes me laugh sometimes how those people don’t take into consideration the context of the Suras in the Quoran.. They don’t see what happened before and after and that lead to certain reactions… And the behind scene of the whole 9/11 thing!!!!!!

Back to Charlie “horrified” happening, everyone point out to Muslims but again none of them understood that this is not Islam rather Politicized -Islam… Thankfully, there is still a minority with which one can have a fair discussion!

As quickly as it could be, the whole world decided to react ...
As quickly as it could be, the whole world decided to react …
On the News : Islamist ! Threaten / Protest/
On the News : Islamist ! Threaten / Protest/Rage/ Anger/ “target 


Mudded roads, gloomy trees and parasitic herbs
broken houses, abandoned shops and vast spaces
Innocent, spontaneous and welcoming citizens
Respectful, modest and happy people
United and peaceful, they live together there
Far away from the city, Skyscrapers and luxury
Far away from lies, profit and pollution
Why being marginalized? Why being thought like outsiders? Why being neglected and mocked for their accent?
Many ”whys” But, no answer …

The Tunisian Constitution or better call it …

The flag of Tunisia together with the Tunisian Constitution written in Arabic.

Introduction: The Tunisian Revolution was the sparkle that ignited other Arab revolutions. Indeed, the Tunisia country , after the French colonialism, suffered from years of blacking out freedom. Here is why, in January 2011, almost all Tunisians gathered together in ”Habib Bourgiba’s street” and acclaim the famous word ”Dégage”. Many reasons drove millions of Tunisians to protest and to accept to die in order to get their freedom. At that time, many hopes were carried out. Many promises were given and many new political figures entered Tunisia.

Where the flame of freedom started, The heart of Tunisia

On the 23th of October 2011, the first transparent elections were held. At that time, Tunisians were going to the polling stations to vote. They were thrilled to verse their fingers in ink and put their choice in the ballot box. Despite the irregularities reported by the observers, it was claimed that it is quite ordinary in a country that held transparent elections for the first time. I was among the national observers and questionned many irregularities that happened at that time. I remember that I wittnessed several proxy voting (: according to ODIHR’s e-learning course: a proxy voting is : a voter who is handing over more than one ID to the polling station officials and receives more than one ballot. The voter is voting for several voters (impersonation)) and other irregularities that are considered to be serious irregularities. However, on media, everything is claimed to be normal.

The constituent assembly
The fruit of the 23th Election was the constituent assembly that will finally draft a NEW constitution and a temporary governement.

After the election, the ”TROICA” were formed by the following politcal parties:

1. The plurality of seats went to ”EN-Nahdha party” (An Islamic party lead by Shaykh Ghannoushi)

2. CPR and ”Takatol”.

The ”TROICA” prepared itself to create a New constitution that guarentees the dignity of citizens. Supposidly at that time, the constitution of 1968 isn’t a valid source. It doesn’t preserve the freedom of Tunisians. I should note here that anyone who read the constitution could notice that there is no such prejudices in it excpect for some legal loopholes. Anyways, at that time every Tunisian agreed that the core reason behind poverty, lack of Human Right implication, corruption and, ”ruined” education system is the constitution. Therefore, the ultimate role of the constituent assembly and the temporary government is to provide citizens with a new version. The latter should guarentee the dignity of citizens and maitain the implication of Human Rights.

Years passed after 2011’s election. Many protests were held and many promises were broken. Tunisians wittnessed fights, assasinations and, excessive cases of corruption. As a response, they heard from the governement: ”it just needs time.”

ImageTunisians were confused. Indeed, any Tunisian who had hopes after the revolution will only feel confusion and disapointement. Tunisians found themselves sank in a river of fancy terminologies such as: ”transparency”, ”Democracy”, ”Civil Society” , etc. However, nothing of this was found in real life. The real situation was full of ”increase of prices” , taxes, and abuse.

In the coming year 2014, the government decides to give up all its principles of ”giving it more time” and finalizes the constitution. They eventually, decides to bring out ”the saver”.

The scene in the constituent assembly is still disturbed. One can only feel pressure and lack of organization. Those on the constituent assembly are supposed to be the mirror that reflects the future of Tunisia. honestly, watching the same scene even after 3 years discourages people. However I would like to say the following for Tunisians: ”We don’t live in a fairy tale. Change cannot happen with a magic wound. Instead of watiching the political farce and criticized, one should start by changing ourseleves and our entourage. The change isn’t going to happen through changing leaders or law makers or presidents. Do not get confused! Neither creating a new constitution nor changing leaders will lead to change. The only real change is ”the revoltution of the mind” Tunisia flourished before because, people used to be united. Those who lead can do nothing if citizens against what they are doing.”

New Year’s Eve TV shows in Tunisia

Belly Dancers in TV shows of Tunisian TV’s brought a hatred criticism of the TV makers in Tunisia.

Introduction: I did not have the chance to watch TV in the New Years’ Eve but, the reaction of people caught my attention. It motivated me to write the following.

I noticed that almost every Tunisian on social Networks such as: Face-book, Twitter etc commented upon what was on TV. The picture was as the following: Almost everyone called the Belly Dancer’s present in the festive on Tunisian TV’s is inappropriate. Some shared it is against our traditions. Some claimed that TV’s now call for obscenity. Some even claimed that TV’s program are becoming more and more destructive and going against our religious principles.

Wataniya and Hannibal TV turned to be ”Kabareih” at night. What is coming next? Claim a Tunisian.

I heard many other matters and comments that were against the belly dancer and its diffusion in TV. What I heard raised some questions in my head mainly: ”Since when belly dancers are against our traditions?” As far as I recall, since the early history, belly dancers were the ultimate source of entertainment in the Arab World. Tunisian men pay hundreds of dinars to watch only five minutes of a body of a belly dancer moves. The same people who claimed that it is inappropriate to have this on our TV’s, are the ones who are desperate for watching belly dancers. Some of them also, follow their illusive desire and pay for such scenes. Now, how come those people blame TV’s for what they diffused? After all, TV is selling its shows and tries to make profit. I think the reason behind bringing a belly dancer is just to satisfy the spectacle’s needs. Unfortunately when people are faced with their mistakes. they try to denied.

All in all, I firmly believe that no one has the right to judge or mock or criticize what was diffused on TV. It only reflects what Tunisian men like! How would it differ if TV did not diffuse that while, in real ”bars”, ”dance places” and other places, belly dancers exist and men are still paying to watch?! I wonder why we prefer secrecy over publication?

Climb the walls in order to achieve your dreams

If I learned a lesson in this life, it will be the following:
Some people have freedom for granted, others don’t have it at all and others will struggle to get it.
What is really shameful not talking about oppression.
Those who talk about ”human rights” should have a free spirit and an open mind to believe that injustice exist before talking about instructing ”Human rights”!