Cancer Cure: ‘Bloody War’ or ‘Euphemism’?

Cancer Cure: ‘Bloody War’ or ‘Euphemism’?

In 1981 the Montreal Regional Science Fair was created to regroup the best projects presented by young Anglophones from the Montreal metropolitan area.

In 2001 the regional fair became known as the Montreal Regional Science and Technology Fair and we represent the English-speaking community in the Greater Montréal (including the Lanaudière, Laurentides, Laval, Montérégie and Montreal regions).

The 34th edition of the Hydro-Quebec Montreal Regional Science & Technology Fair is presented at Concordia University on March 13-14-15, 2016. (Source

I have had the pleasure to be one of the judges that checked the amazing projects that were presented by youth during the science fair. Honestly, I have been filled with joy and amazement by the interest in environment and social awareness that have led these youth to present their experiments and projects during the Science Fair. Among considerable interesting projects, I would like to discuss further three out of the five projects I judged. Therefore, the following article has three parts. The first tackles the two projects in relation with ‘cancer cure’. The second outlines ‘In vitro screening of Molecular Probes for In Vivo Imaging of Cardia Fibros”. As far as the third part, it would be a summary of my overall impression about the event.