Wonders on Freedom

ImageIn most societies either of North Africa or the middle east, women are still considered unable to define their own boarders of freedom. In other words, women are not able to do what they really want to. For instance, faith and all its package is just imposed on them. It is indeed, something that is taught to them since their childhood. Of course, needless to say that raising a girl is quite different than a boy in such societies. Now here is the big picture.

It all begins the same way. boys and girls don’t realize how different they have been taught until the age of fourteen or before. It depends. Anyways, girls begin to realize from the manners they are taught that they barely control something in their whole lives. It depends on the family but sometimes, girls don’t have to conform to the dressing code of her community although, she must behave like it was said to her. For instance, many North African women are not wearing Hijab but are living the same hell just like the Hijab ones. Indeed, they must keep their ”virginity” until marriage. They also, have no right to stay late night. They in the worst cases are tight to their mother’s chest. Who knows, maybe something from the air would rape them and bring shame to the whole family!!! I always wondered what relates one’s body to the whole family… Never mind!

Another important matter is noticed. In these societies, women’ s freedom is always associated to marriage. If a girl, for example, wants to go out, reads a book or even visits a friend, she must obey to her parents. she cannot not do so unless she is married! Well, in the last case, her freedom’s ”copyright” goes back to her new owner, – excuse me- I meant sponsor or husband. So, if I got it right, women after being controlled, bound to their mother’s chest, they are , after marriage, bound to their husband’s power. How can we say: ”marriage is the ultimate source of freedom to women?” well, it depends on luck.

All in all, women are purely enslaved more than the salve in 60’s in South America. At least, the latter had the right to protest and free themselves. Women I am talking about are still imprisoned and unheard. They, themselves, are still thinking that ”marriage” is their key to freedom!!!!

Better saying: ''freedom is a length of an appropriate arranged marriage''
Better saying: ”freedom is a length of an appropriate arranged marriage”


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